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About ABHE

The Association for Biblical Higher Education in Canada and the United States (ABHE):

加拿大和美国圣经高等教育协会 (ABHE):


· comprises a network of more than 150 institutions of biblical higher education;

· enrolls more than 63,000+ students;

· offers undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities via traditional residential, extension, and distance education modalities;

· encompasses campus locations in 8 time zones stretching from the Canadian Maritimes to Hawaii, from Alaska to Puerto Rico.

· 包括一个由 150 多个圣经高等教育机构组成的网络;

· 招收超过 63,000 名学生;

· 通过传统的住宿、扩展和远程教育模式提供本科和研究生教育机会;

· 涵盖 8 个时区的校园位置,从加拿大滨海地区延伸到夏威夷,从阿拉斯加到波多黎各。


Scattered across North America, our member colleges feature diverse histories, ethnicity, and doctrinal/denominational affiliations, indicative of the rich and extraordinary breadth and diversity of higher educational institutions for which Canada and the United States are envied around the world. Our common commitments, however, mark us more deeply and distinctively than our diversity. We are committed to education that is legitimately postsecondary and academically rigorous, challenging students to develop critical thinking skills and leading them in the formation of a biblically grounded Christian worldview. By many significant measures of postsecondary institutional effectiveness—retention and graduation rates; student loan default rates; learning outcomes; success in post-baccalaureate education, and others—our colleges excel the accomplishments many, if not most, of their higher educational peers.

我们的成员学院分布在北美各地,具有不同的历史、种族和教义/教派隶属关系,表明加拿大和美国在全世界都羡慕的高等教育机构的丰富和非凡的广度和多样性。然而,我们的共同承诺比我们的多样性更深刻、更独特地标记了我们。我们致力于合法的高等教育和学术严谨的教育,挑战学生培养批判性思维技能,并引导他们形成以圣经为基础的基督教世界观。通过许多衡量高等教育机构有效性的重要指标——保留率和毕业率;学生贷款违约率;学习成果; 学士后教育的成功,

Relatively few graduates of ABHE institutions are well known in marketplace, civic, and political leadership but the imprint of their character and charitable endeavors across the globe excels that of many other higher education sectors. Tens of thousands of ABHE member college alumni serve God as vocational and lay Christian leaders on every continent and in every walk of life. Many serve in church occupations, but many more serve in secular occupations—particularly in the so-called helping professions—with a sense of Christian vocation.

 ABHE 机构的毕业生相对较少在市场、公民和政治领导中广为人知,但他们在全球的品格和慈善事业的印记优于许多其他高等教育部门。数以万计的 ABHE 成员大学校友在各大洲和各行各业以职业和非专业基督教领袖的身份侍奉上帝。许多人从事教会职业,但更多的人从事世俗职业——尤其是所谓的助人职业——怀着基督徒的使命感。



ABHE seeks actively to strengthen and enlarge its membership by forging an alliance that encompasses any carefully vetted North American postsecondary institution—accredited by ABHE’s Commission on Accreditation or any other USDE/CHEA-recognized accreditor—that shares our association’s purpose, biblical convictions, educational philosophy, and core values.

ABHE 积极寻求通过建立一个联盟来加强和扩大其成员,该联盟包括任何经过仔细审查的北美高等教育机构——由 ABHE 的认证委员会或任何其他 USDE/CHEA 认可的认证机构认证——共享我们协会的宗旨、圣经信念、教育理念和核心价值观。

ABHE membership is extended to:

ABHE 会员资格扩展至:

 Institutions upon whom ABHE’s Commission on Accreditation has acted to confer Accredited or Candidate (pre-accredited) Status. [Note: COA Applicant status is a non-member classification granted to qualifying institutions that, having met the Commission’s Conditions of Eligibility, are actively pursuing accreditation.]

 ABHE 的 认证委员会 已授予 认证或候选(预认证)状态的机构。[注意:COA 申请人身份是授予符合委员会资格条件 并正在积极寻求认证的合格机构的非成员分类 。]

 由另一个美国教育部 (USDE) 或高等教育认证委员会 (CHEA) 认可的认可机构,其机构使命和圣经信念与 ABHE 的一致。该类别的会员资格是根据会员委员会对该机构的使命一致性的核实及其对协会 信仰原则 和伴随的圣经社会和道德承诺的肯定而授予的。


Our Mission


Advancing biblical higher education for Kingdom impact


ADVANCING — moving purposefully forward with a sense of urgency — OUR DISPOSITION

BIBLICAL HIGHER EDUCATION — a biblical and theological learning community — WHO WE ARE

KINGDOM IMPACT — seeing students serve Christ by going and making disciples — OUR ULTIMATE PURPOSE



KINGDOM IMPACT — 看到学生通过去培养门徒来服侍基督 —我们的最终目的


ABHE is unapologetically driven to serve Christ and the Church through the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Member institutions engage students in transformational, experiential, and missional education that is grounded in the truth of God’s Word. The end goal of biblical higher education is to go and make disciples.

ABHE 无可辩驳地通过完成大使命来为基督和教会服务。成员机构让学生参与以上帝话语的真理为基础的变革性、体验式和宣教教育。符合圣经的高等教育的最终目标是去培养门徒。

As we began our strategic planning process in 2021, the need to refresh and refine our mission statement became evident. A mission statement should be focused on our WHY, rather than WHAT or HOW we accomplish our mission. It ought to be memorable, compelling, and capture the essence of why we exist, providing a sense of direction. 

当我们在 2021 年开始我们的战略规划过程时,更新和完善我们的使命宣言的必要性变得显而易见。使命宣言应该关注我们的原因,而不是我们完成使命的内容方式。它应该令人难忘、引人注目,并抓住我们存在的本质,提供方向感。 

In the Fall of 2021, we introduced the revised mission statement at our twelve strategic planning Townhall gatherings across North America. Attendees rated the statement a 4.7 out of 5 stars, a strong expression of support. This was approved by the Board of Directors in late 2021 and the President’s Congress in early 2022. 

 2021 年秋季,我们在北美的 12 次战略规划大会上介绍了修订后的使命宣言。与会者将该声明评为 4.7 星(满分 5 星),表达了强烈的支持。这是董事会于 2021 年底和总统代表大会于 2022 年初批准的。 


Our Vision


Flourishing Institutions. Missional Graduates.

复兴传教机构  培养使命感毕业生


MISSIONAL GRADUATES — Our ultimate desired end — WHO SERVE GOD


传教士毕业生 ——我们最终期望的目标——谁侍奉上帝


Biblical higher education is a movement of institutions committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. ABHE exists to promote, advance, and protect the essence and ethos of biblical higher education through its member institutions. We are focused on cultivating flourishing institutions. This effort employs various means such as quality assurance through the Commission on Accreditation, networking, and leadership development opportunities with a goal to see our institutions flourish. When our institutions are flourishing, they will produce missional graduates. Missional graduates will go and make a difference for the cause of Jesus Christ around the world.

 符合圣经的高等教育是致力于完成大使命的机构运动。ABHE 的存在是为了通过其成员机构促进、推进和保护圣经高等教育的本质和精神。我们专注于培育蓬勃发展的机构。这项工作采用了多种方式,例如通过认证委员会的质量保证、网络和领导力发展机会,以期看到我们的机构蓬勃发展。当我们的机构蓬勃发展时,它们就会培养出具有使命感的毕业生。传教士毕业生将去世界各地为耶稣基督的事业做出改变。

A vision statement is aspirational. It identifies a preferred future, a destination. Over the next 5 years (2022-2027), ABHE envisions a future where more and more of its member institutions are flourishing. A flourishing institution is ultimately characterized as fulfilling its mission and that of Christ through its graduates. ABHE serves its members by shepherding, cultivating, and championing biblical higher education resulting in flourishing institutions.

愿景陈述是有抱负的。它确定了一个首选的未来,一个目的地。在接下来的 5 年 (2022-2027) 中,ABHE 设想了一个越来越多的成员机构蓬勃发展的未来。一个蓬勃发展的机构最终的特点是通过其毕业生完成其使命和基督的使命。ABHE 通过牧养、培养和支持圣经高等教育为其成员服务,从而使机构蓬勃发展。




· A palpable sense of spiritual vitality throughout ABHE

· More students enrolled across ABHE

· Higher student completion rates

· More faculty engaged with ABHE

· Fewer institutions in fiscal jeopardy

· More member institutions

· A curated hub of resources for member flourishing

· Increased member engagement with ABHE

· A robust commitment to biblically grounded, Christ-centered education

· Broader understanding of and appreciation for biblical higher education

成功是什么样子的?五年后。. .

· 整个 ABHE 中明显的精神活力感

· 更多学生在 ABHE 注册

· 更高的学生完成率

· 更多教师参与 ABHE

· 陷入财政危机的机构减少

· 更多成员机构

· 为会员繁荣而精心策划的资源中心

· 增加会员对 ABHE 的参与度

· 对以圣经为基础、以基督为中心的教育的坚定承诺

· 更广泛地理解和欣赏圣经高等教育





Our History


Rooted in Spiritual Movements

In the late nineteenth century, a movement began that has had a profound influence on evangelical Protestantism. Its impact has been felt in every part of the world, producing a large percentage of North American evangelical missionaries and serving as a primary educational enterprise for local church expansion and development. This phenomenon came to be known as the Bible institute movement and, later, the Bible College movement.

From the humble beginnings of the Missionary Training Institute(Nyack College) in New York City in 1882 to the launching of such schools as Moody Bible Institute in 1886 and Toronto Bible School (Tyndale University College & Seminary) in 1894, the Bible college movement has proliferated throughout North America.



1882 年纽约市传教士培训学院(Nyack College)的卑微开端到 1886 年穆迪圣经学院和 1894 年多伦多圣经学院(Tyndale University College & Seminary)等学校的开办,圣经学院运动已经扩散到整个北美。


Still Making Spiritual Waves

More than 130 years after the first Bible schools began, it is estimated there are more than 1000 Bible schools and colleges throughout Canada and the United States. Approximately 200 of these institutions have a relationship with the Association for Biblical Higher Education, either through accreditation or affiliation. In most essential ways, today’s biblical higher education institutions still bear substantial resemblance to their forbears. For example, the current curriculum of undergraduate institutions accredited by ABHE still requires a core of biblical and theological studies, along with a substantial distribution of general or liberal arts studies, and a core of professional studies. Ministry field education and service learning opportunities complement course work. The ethos of today’s biblical higher education institutions can still be described as academically serious, gospel-centered, and discipleship-oriented, fostering spiritual and ministry formation.


在第一批圣经学校开办 130 多年后,据估计加拿大和美国各地有 1000 多所圣经学校和学院。这些机构中大约有 200 家通过认证或隶属关系与圣经高等教育协会建立了关系。在最重要的方面,今天的圣经高等教育机构仍然与他们的祖先有很大的相似之处。例如,目前由 ABHE 认可的本科院校的课程仍然需要以圣经和神学研究为核心,以及大量的通识或文科研究,以及专业研究的核心。部实地教育和服务学习机会补充课程工作。


Multiplying Study Opportunities and Options

Most institutions of biblical higher education offer programs of study in such areas as biblical studies, pastoral ministry, Christian education, cross-cultural ministry, and music. Increasing numbers also provide programs in elementary and perhaps secondary education, youth ministries, urban ministries and business administration. Others offer specialized programs in such areas as deaf ministries, social work, aviation, and other technology-oriented fields. A growing number of ABHE institutions offer curricular programs across the entire spectrum of academic and professional disciplines. Thus, you might say today’s biblical higher education institutions offer programs of study not necessarily leading exclusively to church occupations but in all cases intended to foster gospel pre-occupation regardless of one’s future vocation.


大多数圣经高等教育机构都提供圣经研究、教牧事工、基督教教育、跨文化事工和音乐等领域的学习课程。越来越多的人还提供小学和中学教育、青年事工、城市事工和工商管理方面的课程。其他人在聋人事工、社会工作、航空和其他技术导向领域等领域提供专门课程。越来越多的 ABHE 机构提供涵盖整个学术和专业学科的课程计划。因此,你可能会说,今天的圣经高等教育机构提供的学习计划不一定专门针对教会职业,而是在所有情况下都旨在培养对福音的关注,而不管一个人未来的职业如何。


Establishing Excellence, Earning Recognition

A growing percentage of ABHE members have earned accreditation not only with ABHE but also with one of the six U.S. regional accrediting associations or the applicable Canadian provincial government or university recognition system. Many institutions’ professional programs have also sought and received accreditation by the relevant specialized/professional accrediting agency (e.g., NCATE, CACREP, NASM). A growing number have also established seminaries and graduate divisions. Library holdings and learning resources have expanded. Administrators and faculty have earned terminal degrees, engage in research and writing, and participate in professional associations in their designated fields. In short, institutions of biblical higher education have achieved widespread and growing credibility and currency within the larger academic community. Research consistently substantiates the claim that biblical higher education institutions produce educational outcomes comparable or superior to other highereducation peers.


越来越多的 ABHE 成员不仅获得了 ABHE 的认证,而且还获得了美国六个地区认证协会之一或适用的加拿大省政府或大学认可系统的认证。许多机构的专业课程也已寻求并获得相关专门/专业认证机构(例如,NCATE、CACREP、NASM)的认证。越来越多的人还建立了神学院和研究生院。图书馆馆藏和学习资源得到了扩展。管理人员和教师已获得终端学位,从事研究和写作,并参加其指定领域的专业协会。简而言之,圣经高等教育机构在更大的学术界已经获得了广泛且不断增长的信誉和流行度。


Connecting and Resourcing Today’s Biblical Higher Education Community


One of the most significant developments in the growth of the Bible college movement was the founding of the Accrediting Association of Bible Institutes and Bible Colleges in 1947. The name was shortened in 1957 to the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges. It was changed in 1973 to the American Association of Bible Colleges before being changed back to the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges in 1994 to more accurately represent the geographic purview of the Association that included institutions in Canada, the United States and related territories. In 2004, the name was once again altered, this time to the Association for Biblical Higher Education in order to reflect its expansion of scope with graduate education accreditation and programmatic accreditation and in order to address its expansion of services to include affiliate institutions. Adoption of a new Constitution and Bylaws in 2009 designates the organization’s present name as: The Association for Biblical Higher Education in Canada and the United States.






圣经学院运动发展过程中最重要的发展之一是 1947 年圣经学院和圣经学院认证协会的成立。该名称于 1957 年简称为圣经学院认证协会。它于 1973 年更名为美国圣经学院协会,然后于 1994 年改回圣经学院认证协会,以更准确地代表该协会的地理范围,包括加拿大、美国和相关地区的机构。2004年再次更名,这次是为了反映其在研究生教育认证和专业认证方面的范围扩大,以及为了解决其将服务扩展到附属机构的问题。2009 年通过的新章程和章程将该组织的现名指定为:加拿大和美国圣经高等教育协会。



网址  https://www.abhe.org/

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